Agadir: Shooting of the Amazighi series "Tidret Henna" with the participation of artists Under. The concept of the series is around the tragedies of "marriage of minors" in Morocco.

05 February, 2018
Resolution of the technical team for the series "Tadrt henna" (fragments of henna) which is directed by "Hakim el Kababi" for some days at AGADIR to depict what is left of the spectacular action scenes, and implements its production company "Aglal" for the benefit of the Channel 8, after spending a few weeks in "Tiout" around Taroudant where he chose a number of sites or will shoot the scenes that were written for the screenplay of "Hssen and Khmich".
Participation in the series "Tidert el Hanna" will be accompanied by a group of fighters and youth in the field of Amazigh theater such as "Hussein Pardoaz" and "Abdul Latif Atef" "Hassan Alalawi" and "Hamid Ashtok" and "Mohammed Aouragh Samuka "and" Abdelillah Khnebh "and" Khadija Amaziane "and brilliantly" Alzahira and "Said oudass" and "Hassnae is born" and "Fatima Bouchane" and Rabia Brknez "Tzerart" Amina Soussi and Touriya Bouhali and Mohamed Attari and Ibrahim MOUDEN and Ibrahim Hamata and other proteges.The performance will be alongside Khaled Berkaoui (Inoraz group) for music soundtracks.
The series will offer in essence, based on Toudert's history of early marriage and its social, psychological and family consequences, as well as sub-issues of the case, including the exploitation of women from household and their immigration from the countryside to the big cities allowing them to exploit them sexually.
The director Hakim el Kababi indicated during an interview with the site "Agadir Info", that all the necessary conditions are present to ensure a spectacular achievements, and considering that the great knowledge of artists mite Amazigh artists allowed him to choose and to solve most of the participants in the series for more than four months from the beginning of the filming of the series "I chose artists who will be able to play the role of the character in very natural ways" says Alkabbaba, in underlining that the choice of his convictions as director gives him the authority to choose the representatives as well as the setting up of the decor.