Agadir :Thursday the opening of the first Talpurget International Festival of Guitar "Telet".

01 February, 2018
Today, the moments of travel through quiet and beautiful music begin on the first night of the Tealburgt International Festival of the Guitar, organized by the Agadir Memorial Forum, which runs from the 1st of February to the third of this year, which will feature the participation of some of the finest guitarists from Morocco and different nationalities.

According to a communiqué for the organizer, the activities programmed in this festival are distributed to different places in the city of Agadir, especially the public squares in the Talbugat district, as well as the space of the Olhau Park in the heart of the city of Al-Nahhas.
Among the musicians who will participate in the festival, which was chosen by the organizers "Talkitart", there is the French artist Yves Messinell, the Italian musician Marcio Calabrese, and from England guitarist Roberto Valentini.
Guitarists Miguel Montalban of Chile, Colombian artist Victor Rodríquez and the Chalabi brothers from Syria will also be present at the concert, with Morocco being represented by a group of artists, including Hicham Massien and Yunis Kamal.
According to the same source, the Talcart Festival will be attended by a number of Moroccan musicians residing in the diaspora, such as Alazaf Younes Al Amine of England, the artist Simo Bouzawy from Spain, and the musician Hassan Chattar from Belgium.
The second exhibition will be dedicated to the late Amazigh artist Amouri Mubarak, who was one of the most prominent Moroccan musicians on the guitars, and a landmark in the course of the modern Amazigh song.