Feel like Home

Explore the destination of Agadir from the first day of your stay in our Sahara Hotel. Whether it’s an artisanal cocktail or a Moroccan tagine our location in the center of the city allows you to discover unusual places to meet with each other and with the local culture in an immersive and authentic way. We will be facilitators for your unique experiences so that you can come back every time of the year in this wonderful sunny destination.


Argan oil is a golden and slightly sweet oil extracted from the argan tree, an endemic tree of Souss-Massa. It is served with bread and used to enhance the flavors of other meals. In addition to the culinary variety, cosmetic Argan oil, soaps, lotions, and shampoos are also marketed .


Through a maze of paths and walkways, one can observe reptiles in their daily lives: lazing in the sun, bathing and demonstrating the power of their jaws during their meal. The circuit, with a length of over 600 meters, is marked by informational signs to learn not only about crocodiles, but also about the different plant species which inhabit the crossed gardens.

the Commercial Hub

Markets, according to tradition, are frequently found in the heart of the cities. This rule does not apply to Inzegane because it is located in the middle of multiple souks and markets. Indeed, the Prefecture of Inzegane is Morocco’s second commercial zone after Casablanca, and it is positioned as a dynamic hub that serves several Moroccan provinces as well as Sub-Saharan countries. The city, which is only 8 kilometers from Agadir, provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. When you arrive in Inzegane, follow your senses through its souks and set out to discover a place rich in colors and scents, surrounded by mazes of goods of all kinds!

The Hidden Paradise

Imsouane, a hidden paradise, is now attracting everyone with its beaches and atmosphere. A little community located 1h40 from Agadir along the coast, the place is popular among water sports enthusiasts as well as those who appreciate wild nature and quiet. Staying in Imsouane guarantees a one-of-a-kind experience on unique beaches, in the middle of stunning landscapes, and in the company of a kind and generous people.  With family, friends, or even alone, discover this natural jewel that spreads serenity and tranquility. Allow yourself to be enticed by the variety of activities available for a journey out of this world.

Taghazout, the seaside resort

Taghazout has evolved from a winter surfing destination to one of the Kingdom’s most popular coastal resorts in a few years. Taghazout, located only 20 kilometers from Agadir, is above all an amazing location with various features that intrigues visitors with its mood and the beauty of its beaches.   Extravagant landscapes enclosed in an idyllic setting, with a plethora of leisure activities to satisfy everyone. So many opportunities to seize, and a wonderful setting that welcomes everyone to spend an exciting and pleasant vacation.

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